Sunday, July 10, 2016

It's Been A Long Time

Dear Reader ,

It's been real some time since the last post and a lot of thing changes while all theses time flew past the years of human .
Livestyle , Family , Friend , College , Work life , what should have gone have been gone what should arrive have already sticking by . Opps did I forget relationship , yeah my relationship thank god still the same since 2011 just that people grows ; older and wiser and more sensitive . All this while , from family breaking apart , mental breaking apart and friendship falling apart of course a lot more with all sort of stuff breaking apart it does teach me life is so unpredictable but if we stay strong to fight it we still can manage to overcome all  those challenges given by the all mighty giver. Pretty much sure about that he won't give you burden that is out of your control even it may he will be  there to guide you back to the right direction and all you have to do is listen in peace and of course you don't listen all but to use your smarty brain to identify which is better for you .

How many heartbreak how many failure we say , destiny will always make fun of people when they have a proper life already , we thought and life will say "NO watch me ". By that means your world is going upside down life the Ferris wheel , some times you are up and some days you are far below. While all you can do is either fight it and climb to the highest or let it be and relax all you can.

22 years and there's no one day smoother than how it could be today.  Everyday is a challenge , I mean every day have new challenge just the way to overcome it had always multiplying . One day older , one day wiser aren't we ? The more challenge we face the more we know how to dealt with it when another challenge come as we faced almost similar thing the whole life. Then one day when you are 80 , you will laugh at the problem as it is to easy peasy . " PEACHY !! Ain't it too easy " ....
Is not critcal illness that can't be cure , ok eventhough it really can't be cure what's the big deal we are already 80 ... I put it as lived long enough? He have granted you enough ....

Different people different life indeed . Some people may married on 20 , still studying on 20 , had babies son 20 or worst to worst died on 20. Seriously folks live your life to the fullest , who knew today may be your last day or this second may be you last moment , minutes might even the last second you smile on this land . Maybe sky if you are in the plane / private jet / helicopter / etc .

Altho we may cry but hey whats the big deal . Tomorrow will be better unless you already given up hoping I don't know .  I hope the best for you folk