Tuesday, September 27, 2011

eherm eherm ....shalom~

seriously sophie have been sick for whole 2 weeks dy and still haven't oke yet..(tu la bile sihat wish to saket, bile dh saket amik kaww....berminggu minggu x baek) It grew serious when I cried that day for some reason # exam nye result laa # So it's mean sophie is really moody these recently, kejap GELAK kejap NANGIS kejap EMO~ tu la macam org giler pon ade... 

But today ,sophie gets crazily emo...mood swingss abis abis~ wanna know the story?? continue reading

today was such a beautiful morning but something really meddle in my mind , so pergy skola jea nk cari Edora (a girl that is my friend) to make sure of everything but x jumpe... so wtf~ start to tugas first..but that time mood still oke laa . still can jokes or whatever... then it start to be unstable after a meeting .( actually emo bukan sbb kes meeting) it's becuase something else make me really fiery n frust
baek2 mood tu tros hilang .Sebak je dada mcm nk nangis so masuk masuk je kat klassssss
"BAMM " files thrown on table ,bags on chair ....then face onto the table and CRIED  .Maybe I shocked most of them so they start gathering and ask why why why??? ( sorry gurls ,I din't reply to any of yours question, too frust to talk ) All I can do is crying to release the stress....I can't pretend to be alright when I'm really upset... TnT
 Luckily after that cry , my mood when smoother so I can enjoy the rest of my day ....giggleing n laughing with friends.
*But why did I cry ,there is story behind it ...well , something is better to left it unknown *

Saturday, September 24, 2011

THE 98th Post

hye everyone =) hope everything is fine
oke..today's post a lil bit exciting cuz i'm not fine ahaakkz

Today I have been grounded from oing out with my friends n hubby huawaaa : ( sad sad !! Just thought to have fun but well luck wasn't on my side..so fine just let it be.
But something terrible happen today so wierd how come I'm sick for no reason...maybe because I cried too long yesterday for my chemistry paper 1 result~ sob sob...then get scold somemore, real bad day la yesterday haizzz~

see even sick n in pain but smile is neccessary for a day to pass doesn't it

cheesee ^^ sweet moewww face haha
Today continue with a long long sleep aroung 4 hour...I fainted ~ whatt?! ahakkz
but I get much better when I got up ,that isn't very bad doesn't it?
still having fluuuu~ hurmmm

Saturday, September 17, 2011

yups like usual ,baby sophie comes to storie morie
and today soo happy
(of course !! dpt jumpe nn HUBBY tersyang )

For today , we have a group going for beraye...haha (non-muslim nk beraye gak ke?? apehal plak x leyh an ??dosa kea?? ) no la just joking..so in our group we have 5 person - me, jeff ,fara,jay n iki.
wwaitt!!! all above semua single minglee aww...but got one exception..ME n JEFF =)
today schedule can kill seyh...four house in a row~ but we only spend 3 hours for 3 house haha hebat x?? where is another one? haa ini yg agak x puas aty ...cuz this house got no one in so cannot beraye.
okay ...sorry to say ,today mcm lepas rindu giler2 kat capital J cuz 2 week din't meet oredy == smpai rumah kawan pn buat cm umah sendiri haha...what to do dah rindu giler2 but x over coz we think about my lil sista feeling.POOR THING ~ She just break up with his boyfie so we try not let her aggitated. Anyway ,Really so FRUST today cuz I get to know about the story about why and how sista's boyfie want to break up with her..Eyhh,  I got a feeling wanted to kill that bitch or tear her into pieces ...sanggup dye rosakkn hubungan orang..WTFish ~ Grr sabar jea...

yay !! I can say all part of the trip was extremely fun...but one part is the best ,hubby hug me and we exchange KISS......haiyaaa ~ don't think jaoh2 !! we kissed each other on cheek only laaa ^^ hak hak
rugi x amik gambar ann...but after that I blush mcm cherry tomato la seyh >.< WE finished our trip by around 5 p.m. thats really tired , however we had lots of fun although there is a part which can make me burn on fire !! Anyway, I'am happy bcuz I get the chance to be with all the ones I loves

Melchiades Joeffrey Jr ^_^

Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hey you...don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge a person by its look. 
To anyone who knows me or who don’t know me, don’t judge me by just my look. 
I’m just being who I’m supposed to be~ 
sometimes even who knows me for years will unable to see the true me so
 let me state it clear & easy

1.       I may be quiet in front of strangers or someone I just know
bcuz I’m naturally shy …(not because I am controlling “AYU”)
 But if I get close to someone I can play and enjoy crazily …

2.       I might be friendly towards guys, hanging with them and joke
till the world tear apart
 but that my character, I have it since I'm small kid
so no one should question it (not so called “GEDIK”)
 girls, you jealous??
I don’t mind if you want to have them…

3.       Maybe sometimes I’ll talk about something I interested and share it …
(that doesn’t mean I  show “KEPANDAIAN”) so call me budak pandai, cuz I’m not !!

4.       People might always see me holding a book ...
well that’s maybe exam is coming!!
 (don’t try saying “pergh RAJIN arr budak tuh”)
I smack you trok2..Do you think I am really that hardworking??

5.       If sometimes I scolded my friends or siblings but that mean I cared for them
 (not “PANAS BARAN”,people say “ngn kawan n adek pon camtu “)
if I not ..duhh ,what do I care if they dead~

6.       I loves joining whatever activities or competiton or quiz  I interested cuz
I love spending time on these and to collect experience
 (not to become “POPULAR”)

I know not everyone can accept me as who I am but
just don’t jump to conclusion based on what you see…
I hate that!! Sure you’ll have the same feeling too if other did the same to you ^^

Thursday, September 1, 2011

whatsoever ^__^

Ohaiyo ...
What a holiday ~ Seem like I'm doing nothing other than being so loose for this holiday even though I did study but it just like nothing goes into my brain huh?! haha yes nothing really goes in... Day-dreaming is what i have done  for the time I'm studying for my mathematics huhu ....day dreaming of what??(I also don't know actually) Kinda real that I didn't put effort to study hard for the coming TRIAL oh no >.< sure die one...
But I'm sure to say this  Hari Raya & Hari Merdeka was so cold ,what's going on? no one seem to be celebrating..raya sakan ea? I don't see everyone is busy studying but why it seem so quiet...lalalala

YAWW~ I'm missing my friends ..no school means no fun but just parent rules : No you can't do this ; wait! that one don't touch !! (what the fish what the frog) haizz ~ I really do miss the time we laugh like bunch of hyena before holiday but it's okay holiday is going to end ....urm well I don't wish it to end this time because examination is coming up--the deathly TRIAL ...shit man ! Why?I'm not mentally prepared yet !ahhhh~~~~
can I don't take it ? *THEN YOU SHALL NEVER GET YOUR SPM CERTIFICATE!! HOHOHO* well this is actually the respond I get from others..

Ps: hubby~ I miss you so much too :(  
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