Saturday, September 24, 2011

THE 98th Post

hye everyone =) hope everything is fine's post a lil bit exciting cuz i'm not fine ahaakkz

Today I have been grounded from oing out with my friends n hubby huawaaa : ( sad sad !! Just thought to have fun but well luck wasn't on my fine just let it be.
But something terrible happen today so wierd how come I'm sick for no reason...maybe because I cried too long yesterday for my chemistry paper 1 result~ sob sob...then get scold somemore, real bad day la yesterday haizzz~

see even sick n in pain but smile is neccessary for a day to pass doesn't it

cheesee ^^ sweet moewww face haha
Today continue with a long long sleep aroung 4 hour...I fainted ~ whatt?! ahakkz
but I get much better when I got up ,that isn't very bad doesn't it?
still having fluuuu~ hurmmm

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