Thursday, September 1, 2011

whatsoever ^__^

Ohaiyo ...
What a holiday ~ Seem like I'm doing nothing other than being so loose for this holiday even though I did study but it just like nothing goes into my brain huh?! haha yes nothing really goes in... Day-dreaming is what i have done  for the time I'm studying for my mathematics huhu dreaming of what??(I also don't know actually) Kinda real that I didn't put effort to study hard for the coming TRIAL oh no >.< sure die one...
But I'm sure to say this  Hari Raya & Hari Merdeka was so cold ,what's going on? no one seem to be celebrating..raya sakan ea? I don't see everyone is busy studying but why it seem so quiet...lalalala

YAWW~ I'm missing my friends school means no fun but just parent rules : No you can't do this ; wait! that one don't touch !! (what the fish what the frog) haizz ~ I really do miss the time we laugh like bunch of hyena before holiday but it's okay holiday is going to end ....urm well I don't wish it to end this time because examination is coming up--the deathly TRIAL ...shit man ! Why?I'm not mentally prepared yet !ahhhh~~~~
can I don't take it ? *THEN YOU SHALL NEVER GET YOUR SPM CERTIFICATE!! HOHOHO* well this is actually the respond I get from others..

Ps: hubby~ I miss you so much too :(  
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