Saturday, July 23, 2011

Kem Kecemerlangan Biasiswa 2011

Yoyo joined a "kem jati diri" at Tiram Indah Village. It was a 1 day 1 night camp, so exciting hearing there is a camp, it been around 1 year I haven't been to camp.At last we departed from school around 3 o'clock ,we should be departed earlier but the bus is late so we can just wait. So sleepy yet so excited when I sit in the bus wondering how will the place look like. At around 3.40 we arrived at the destination safe and sound.Although the place wasn't as I though but it still feel comfortable, it was a kampung looking home stay. The air around is so fresh even it was almost evening... All green around us~ FOREST haha =D Upon arrival we are brought to our dome , urm it was quite interesting because it look really like we are there for army training gee, a dome fits 10 person inside with double stacked  bed . So we chosen our own bed but our happiness was short because we bumped into 2 funniest thing : Our first room toilet have no lock so we change to the second room . This time the is still the problem of toilet , nah it's not about the lock again but it was a CORPSE of a little cute animal drown inside the basin of water OMG what the hell !! terrible moment but I think this is what we call an extra experience for all of us.Not while later we are asked to assemble in the hall .
Our facilitator these time is a crew from AHADAN COACH .starting we expect that they are very strict but finally we find them really friendly and caring plus happening. haha ^^ there we start our lesson with them...WE learnt a lot of thing that night and done some activities such as ice breaking , air plane design and brain storm . Lucky enough they didn't arrange a slot to attack our mentality that tonight or else I wonder what will happen ~ It was about 3 hours activity before all of us went to bed . huarghh = = sleepy but we just can't sleep when we are ready in bed . So at last we have a real camp inside our dome which is food party !! yes...we ate chocolates...yum yum nice then later all of us went on to bed to sleep.

 It was 5.12 in the morning when are awaken by the banging of the door by the second dome mates.Muslim got to get ready for their prayers . Then us?? of course awake but we continue to lie in bed after cleaning up ourself . Around 6 their prayer start but it took so long that it finish by 7.30. Today morning, we have some morning exercise . I can't deny that the air was simply so fresh and freezing cold. Then the next talk start after the breakfast till 11.30 a.m. This slot is very meaning full because it aware us to "change" . CHANGE?? yes change our attitudes and mental, I can say is each word that the facy told us contain a thick meaning and  it stuck into my heart . I felt it so deep inside . Who ever can feel the meaning definitely will drop tears , I did . 
Finally we get to the end of this camp , so unbearable to part like this. (akakak mcm la x kan jumpe kat skola buat malu jew)
All of us packed and wait for the arrival of bus to depart back to school. Ade kea ptot budak laki hantar cikgu zaki dngn lagu Bertemu Dan Perpisahan. siot jea.... But It was a really enjoying camp. We laugh we cried but most important we experience ~ PeaCe

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy birthday =)

Happy birthday to my school ^^ you have been 10 years old since 16 july 2001 ...yes today our school have Hari Kantin for Sambutan 1 Dekad SMKBSA .really enjoy it but i have to be the usher for vip hehehe .i saw many of the teacher included ex-principal En Zulkipli, Pn Hjh Minati and Pn Hjh Saleha .there are also Penolong kanan : En. Rashid, En. Arbain , En.Hassan ,Tuan Syed , Pn Zubaidah (we once hate her a lot but she is kinda nice actually, i miss her ). Teachers all gather in our school that day ,cool~

for today ,i met a lot of senior who already graduate from this school... urm miss them especially for those who are in Pengakap team .wee~ 

Not forgotten today is also my pretty mumy birthday .. here i wish " MUMY HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sorry we have no present for you and was in school for the whole morning .sob sob ~ we don't mean to.. however we did celebrate it at night (well mom still did the cooking) haha all of us become a good kids ^^ for one day only i think ..

oh my.. feel so damn tired today but indeed i have so much fun !!

Monday, July 11, 2011


see this ? yes i'm choosen wahaha crazy practice gonna comes.... i hope they will not make me suffer enough but at least i'm excited to go =) peace

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