Saturday, July 16, 2011

Happy birthday =)

Happy birthday to my school ^^ you have been 10 years old since 16 july 2001 ...yes today our school have Hari Kantin for Sambutan 1 Dekad SMKBSA .really enjoy it but i have to be the usher for vip hehehe .i saw many of the teacher included ex-principal En Zulkipli, Pn Hjh Minati and Pn Hjh Saleha .there are also Penolong kanan : En. Rashid, En. Arbain , En.Hassan ,Tuan Syed , Pn Zubaidah (we once hate her a lot but she is kinda nice actually, i miss her ). Teachers all gather in our school that day ,cool~

for today ,i met a lot of senior who already graduate from this school... urm miss them especially for those who are in Pengakap team .wee~ 

Not forgotten today is also my pretty mumy birthday .. here i wish " MUMY HAPPY BIRTHDAY" sorry we have no present for you and was in school for the whole morning .sob sob ~ we don't mean to.. however we did celebrate it at night (well mom still did the cooking) haha all of us become a good kids ^^ for one day only i think ..

oh my.. feel so damn tired today but indeed i have so much fun !!

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