Thursday, September 15, 2011


Hey you...don’t judge a book by its cover, don’t judge a person by its look. 
To anyone who knows me or who don’t know me, don’t judge me by just my look. 
I’m just being who I’m supposed to be~ 
sometimes even who knows me for years will unable to see the true me so
 let me state it clear & easy

1.       I may be quiet in front of strangers or someone I just know
bcuz I’m naturally shy …(not because I am controlling “AYU”)
 But if I get close to someone I can play and enjoy crazily …

2.       I might be friendly towards guys, hanging with them and joke
till the world tear apart
 but that my character, I have it since I'm small kid
so no one should question it (not so called “GEDIK”)
 girls, you jealous??
I don’t mind if you want to have them…

3.       Maybe sometimes I’ll talk about something I interested and share it …
(that doesn’t mean I  show “KEPANDAIAN”) so call me budak pandai, cuz I’m not !!

4.       People might always see me holding a book ...
well that’s maybe exam is coming!!
 (don’t try saying “pergh RAJIN arr budak tuh”)
I smack you trok2..Do you think I am really that hardworking??

5.       If sometimes I scolded my friends or siblings but that mean I cared for them
 (not “PANAS BARAN”,people say “ngn kawan n adek pon camtu “)
if I not ..duhh ,what do I care if they dead~

6.       I loves joining whatever activities or competiton or quiz  I interested cuz
I love spending time on these and to collect experience
 (not to become “POPULAR”)

I know not everyone can accept me as who I am but
just don’t jump to conclusion based on what you see…
I hate that!! Sure you’ll have the same feeling too if other did the same to you ^^

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