Tuesday, September 27, 2011

eherm eherm ....shalom~

seriously sophie have been sick for whole 2 weeks dy and still haven't oke yet..(tu la bile sihat wish to saket, bile dh saket amik kaww....berminggu minggu x baek) It grew serious when I cried that day for some reason # exam nye result laa # So it's mean sophie is really moody these recently, kejap GELAK kejap NANGIS kejap EMO~ tu la macam org giler pon ade... 

But today ,sophie gets crazily emo...mood swingss abis abis~ wanna know the story?? continue reading

today was such a beautiful morning but something really meddle in my mind , so pergy skola jea nk cari Edora (a girl that is my friend) to make sure of everything but x jumpe... so wtf~ start to tugas first..but that time mood still oke laa . still can jokes or whatever... then it start to be unstable after a meeting .( actually emo bukan sbb kes meeting) it's becuase something else make me really fiery n frust
baek2 mood tu tros hilang .Sebak je dada mcm nk nangis so masuk masuk je kat klassssss
"BAMM " files thrown on table ,bags on chair ....then face onto the table and CRIED  .Maybe I shocked most of them so they start gathering and ask why why why??? ( sorry gurls ,I din't reply to any of yours question, too frust to talk ) All I can do is crying to release the stress....I can't pretend to be alright when I'm really upset... TnT
 Luckily after that cry , my mood when smoother so I can enjoy the rest of my day ....giggleing n laughing with friends.
*But why did I cry ,there is story behind it ...well , something is better to left it unknown *

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