Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Today's yesterday (such memorable)

People always says that yesterday is history.Yes it is always a history just something what make it different is whether are we happy or sad yesterday...they always make it so unforgettable. Yesterday was 28th Jun 2011 ,it was the day i made up my mind about something .This decision i didn't make it in a rush ,i did think bout it for the past whole night , I'm sure enough i made the right decision.(just like how Kungfu Panda wanted to learn kungfu) without catching any sleep finally i have been through it and I really still pondering whether to take this action or not . Finally....

Monday was the day i still remember how the evening start with a misunderstanding and it just like a terrible battle starting off.I can still clearly hear the word that slip from his lips
        " I really Love her"
iI'm really glad that he is brve to tell but it wasn't the right time though. He knows that.It will only ge everything worsen .By that time I felt that I am faling into a endless black pit .Shouting.No one to help.At last everything ended but till night I'm still fliping on my bed thinking of what happening . All my fault.Before anymuch more thinking I was awaken by my conscience.Totally awake.Next morning(yesterday fall on 28/6) , which ought to be a very bright day but for me ,I think I got a dark cloud over my head which I can't even see any sunlight that could bright my day . That morning , after I met him, I had a nice through time of thinking and finally i start off with my pencil writing ... I know this time I should already make a decision to settle off the problem. Still wondering am I doing to right thing but I brave myself to send the letter. I did .
After sending I bumped into Baxter(one of my trusted friend) I ask for opinion ,therefore i told him from A-Z... Baxter wasn't the kind of who always back up his friend but he will give the best advise to anyone included me.
thanks to Baxter I come to sober..these is something he told me:
       " It wasn't fully your fault ,he have to carry some of the responsible... if he can't brave through this small circumvention together for now,how would it be if you have been married ?"(wow still far but it did make sense)
      " He is running away not facing it. You are the one who are holding so hard now."
I think about it later on. I don't see any mistake in the advise he gave me. It tells me that my decision to seperate with 'this person' is simply correct and nothing wrong with it.

Today, I ask for another piece of advise from my younger sister in school  ,wan nazira edora. She too enlighted me to something important.
        "Listen to me. For last 2 year ,you are ready to sacrifice everything included him to achive your best result.And you did it... So for this time what's on your mind some more, do it again to achieve great success for your coming can do it!"
She is right.Wasn't she? This is another statement that i could use to support my decision of yesterday.I though so much for others ,now it's time for me to plan for myself n my future. Thanx Edora n Baxter, u guys really wake me up from continue to dream.


do take care of yourself when i'm not around you these few months...sayonara aishiteru <3

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