Friday, February 1, 2013


Hey peeps..look like it have been weeks since i posted something into this little world of mine . So, how have u all been ? looking great huh ... maybe some are being down.
Everyone would have feel something different through their own life u know, like happy, sad ,excited , sky-lift etc. remeber we won't be n the top everytime as we ever heard a wise man saying " world goes round , sometimes we are high above sometimes we are down there" .
Yes we must bear with it though when thing get unbearable's just like the END of it .

It's not like I have not try but I am done.

I’m done with being treated like crap.

I’m done with people who don’t care.

I’m done with being second best,

second loved,

second considered in everything.

I’m done with being walked all over.

I’m done with being angry,

I’m done with the coldness,

I’m done with her,

and him,

and everyone.

I’m done with not having anything to call my own.

I’m done with depending on people just to live.

I’m done with living in general.

I’m done with the anxiety,

I’m done with the stress,

I’m done with the tightness in my shoulders, the way my back feels like it could break any moment.

I’m done with being left and abandoned.

I’m done with being doubted,

I’m done with being weak,

I’m done with longing and never getting.

I’m done.

I’m 200% fucking done.


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