Saturday, October 13, 2012

Relationship #1

Oh heyyyy everyone who takes their relationships with their bfs/gfs for granted...

You suck! You suck big time. I love a guy who lives 6515 miles away from me. When I get to finally be with him? I’m gonna make sure he knows how much I love him and want to be with him every freaking day.

You know what guise? People get tired of being taken for granted.

One day they are gonna have had it with your BS.

They’re gonna be fed up with you ignoring them, and treating them like they’re a second thought.

They’re gonna be sick with you never taking their feelings into consideration.

They’re gonna be sick of caring about you.

They’re gonna be sick of your insincerity.

They’re gonna be sick of waiting around for you.

And guess what?

One of these days they’re not going to be there.

They’re gonna walk out of your life because they know someone out there will treat them like they’re precious.

They’re gonna stop caring about you.

They’ll stop waiting on you.

And you’re gonna be left without them.

Without someone there waiting for you.

Without someone to love you.

Without someone to care about them like they did.

And it’s all cause you neglected them. And treated them like they’re a last minute idea.

And if this has happened to you, and you’ve done this to your bf/gf...

Than you deserved it.

Don’t get mad at them if they’re out with people who treat them and love them right.

It’s all because you didn’t see what you had before they left.

Treat the person you’re with like they’re something precious.

Treat the person you’re with like you’ll never see them again.

Love them right.

Because if you don’t, someone else will.

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