Thursday, March 14, 2013



Things are suppose to be different at every stage as we grow doesn't it . Times never stay for anyone or any reason When I was a kid I couldn't wait to grow up, and now that I'm grown, I just wish I was a kid again. Those fun and lovely childhood but things never rewind . So long as time passed , I stepped into another world of education ,the higher education institution . Half fun half stress . As soon as I realized I have gone through lots of things and incident which is mixture of happy, sad , bitter ,awesome and awful .  I always got to tell myself "It's time to grow up , you aren't kids anymore. Much more things ahead to be face by your own so brace yourself up ". Definitely want or not I must ... It's not an option anymore as I choose to be far away from home , family and old friends who accompanied me during the past year and be right here in Ipoh to continue my study . Compared to my other friends who was already in 2nd grade , 3rd grade or above , for me ....I'm just a 1st grader in Diploma but going to end the 1st grade in one month ahead .  WAY TO GO DARLING !!!

Head up, stay strong. Fake a smile, move on.

Love, friends and study are three elements I get in touch n can't be separated with when I'm here . Somehow it's not easy to manage them well anyway because when u gave more attention to one ,the other two will be neglected . Sad but true . When there's sunshine in life , there would be storm . It just a matter of how we handle it , if failed then u might trip over real hard . Bleeding.

 - Sometimes it's the bad things that happen in our lives that put us on the path to the best things.-

Get into trouble and misunderstanding in a relationship with your love or friends are normal... Give them time to be alone. Explain but keep silent after the deliver the important message because if they believe you they would , after so long accepted you for who you are .They know you more than any other does as they are second closest to you after your family . If they return ,welcome them back with a warm hug and smile . In case they don't , show them you really do care for them but if they don't cared anymore no more , one words .  Smile and move on dude . The language of love and friendship are not words but meaning. 


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