Sunday, December 29, 2013

What 2013 Taught Me

Hi peep ! I'm BACK to my lalaland .  How have u'oll been?
I've been quite busy with my study so my diaries become quite dusty . Haha , you see the rhyme there? 

It's almost to the end of year 2013 . Few days to go aand poof . There we are in year 2014 . How did your 2013 going on ?? ( leave a comment if you like )
For me , I have gone through alot , real alot . Love and hate , friendship and betrayal , sweet and bitter but most of all I learnt much from what i have encounter during this long year. People comes and go . Those who stay are real , those who leave it's their choice isn't it. Still , for who stay with me and give me support during this whole year , thanks to you all alot . Really without your support n encouragement , I won't be writing this post here.

Dear readers, do you ever go through a phrase that goes : " What doesn't break you make you stronger " . Yes , I totally agree with that . WHY ? I gone through betrayal . An unaccepted action in any relationship is BETRAYAL. It hurts people much when you trust that person and we have special strong bonding but that person choose to stab you in the back . For their own advantage and benefits ! Curse it ! I am pretty sure
karma will get ya ,so I wouldn't even care to lay a single finger on you . Let karma do the job for me . Well somehow what comes around ,goes around . Am I right ? 

Okay . Enough of being frustrated . Let me share with you a bit of great news. This is the year I enjoyed trips and travelled places . Ngee ~ It's still considered an amazing year for me , I wonder it's me being lucky or what.
I travelled the north of malaysia but since I studied in Ipoh so this place doesn't count bhahaha.  And oh yes  I got a sponsored trip to Thailand for 9 days . Lucky enough isn't it . Luxurious meal and enjoyable trip ..OK OMG I want it again pleasee * blink blink watery eyes *  . Honestly I love this trip more than any of the other because I met alot of people with different culture , from different country  . Laos , Myanmar , Cambodia , Vietnam and lastly of course Thailand itself. I made friends and know their language and habits , culture. I spend this 9 days fully and happily . Thats the trip where I manage to left all my sorrow annd trouble behind me . Not thinking bout it. Nothing , not even a single trace of it :) I'M JUST THAT HAPPY KID ! yi haaa...

Year 2013 taught me what real live is. It's just the beginning of my journey , I clearly knows it. I have to brave myself to accept upcoming challenges. It's still early for me to conclude my life .... Few days to go but toward 2014,  I'm ready .

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