Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Untold

It have been so long since I updated my post last time. Sorry peeps.
Posting started when there is somethings that we couldn't share directly face to face with people . It's something hard to be spoken out in speech. The only solution is to write it down.

I truly hate the feeling of being left behind by other people especially by love one.Everyone feels the same, right?
I don't really know since when but I can feel myself breaking little by little everyday.And I'm just wondering when will I shatter completely. I been acting the not so myself . Laughing hard and pretending strong in front of everyone I know ,everyone I meet. I gave them the impression of the cheerful and happy go lucky ME.Only if they know the meaning behind that smile and laughter is tear and sadness that completely torn me inside .I bumped into challenge ,obstacles , and crappy stuff . I kinda forgot the reasons that make me smile and I'm forcing myself to pretend happy day by day, when at night by myself I cry myself to sleep to kill my pain and heartbreak. I wanted to look brave . I don't want people to see me cry . I don't even want people to see my weak side.
But hanging on SUCKS !! There's time I feel giving up and just walk away from it. Tears drop again and again. Bring me the old me , please bury the me right now . I wish to drop down and die and reborn .

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