Monday, November 12, 2012


Just as wad people used to say " First love are easy to love ,but hard to forget ". This directly linked to my situation even it's already 1 year and half plus me and him seperated and I stepped into a new relationship with my current boyfriend. 1 year wasn't long and wasn't short . A lot of thing change and scars heal but memory just stubbornly won't fade. Each picture are still clear in mind and those are the "memory".
IT"S JUST HARD TO FORGET . For those time ,there are still chances I took a peek to check out his condition. A day before my 1 year and 5 month with my recent boyfriend ,I found those love letter that the "ex" wrote to me and re-read it . Amazing that the feeling of sweetness : GONE . Just the feeling of appreciation arrive into my heart. He did love me much but we both just not fated to be. Wad still make my heart gettign doubt was a sentence like this

"U know wad you're talking about ??? There's no one except you. No girl can replace you . "- he wrote.
"Whenever she was around even when we are seperated ,she will always be in my heart and my mind" -he said to one of my friend

I burnt all the letter just after I read it ...saying goodbye to this lovely man

Well , recently heard that he found a good girlfriend that who once was his god-sister.. I know maybe I din't get his blessing when I start with my recent boyfriend but I still hope the best for him ( the  "ex" ) . May God bless him and her. Amen . I saw your tweet , that right boy . "Past is past"  ^-^  Hope your future are brighter with the presence of her . Congratulation to the new husband and wife , MR.A and MS.E
Boy , remember to treat her well . Go on with your life .


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