Tuesday, November 13, 2012

LDR ?!

Distance is so hard, and I hate trying to explain that to people, because they just don’t get it. I  wonder what so hard for them to try understand the sweetness of being in LDR sometimes . They say that we will never work out because of the distance. They say that the person I’m with will get bored of me and move on and that long distance never works, it only works in movies. Well. I’m going to make my dream come true by making my boyfriend and I work. I will make sure that nothing breaks us up. Thats my goal and hope. They don’t get how you can love someone regardless on where they are and be willing to wait for them. Many of you think i’m crazy, and i guess i am. Love makes you do crazy things. At least I’ll be happy at the end.

I just want my friends to back me up on the things I believe in. I just wish people would stop getting my hopes down. :/ 

Only the LDR couples understand though . What a pity.

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