Tuesday, December 25, 2012

My Little Feeling

A new semester begins....

For this 2 weeks I am here , you said I thrown a lot of tantrum, willful ,pushing you away and being bossy .You said my attitude worsen and you got very annoyed by me and my attitude. I know these recently I keep feel upset and got my mood low for no reason but I shown it directly on my face instead of hiding it not letting you know and acting I'm perfectly fine like usual. I'm truly sorry for my attitude but I really wonder why , maybe I expecting too much attention which I try to get when I'm far away from you last time. I swear don't meant it to act that way .
You know you acted so differently sometimes as if I've lost you in those days or hours.
I realize you have been a grown up man with matured thinking .For me, I'm a grown up girl but still have that childish thinking . Sometimes, I start to doubt myself whether I really understand you. My worries crept up on me and I fought to push those thoughts away. I want to believe that you are still the man I feel in love with and had held on for so long for that. Do I still have your heart with me??                                              Now Playing   : A Little Piece of Heaven :

I remember you say ,you'll be staying by my side no matter what and we keep holding hands till the end. Right? I know I girl you wish for and want to be with but please I'm willing to try being one . I'm not afraid to try.
I'm sorry for disappointing you with everything of mine now..SORRY

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