Saturday, November 3, 2012

Relationship Chemical Reaction

Love is a threshold; It just keeps going up and up until it can't go any higher.
-John Mayer

I was once in love, but that's now just a faint memory.

I think I found out how relationships work. These thoughts are just compiled from experience and from wisdom from others.It may not apply to all or maybe just altered to other peoples situations but this how most people's relationships start and work out. :]

When you first meet sombody, you either like them straight away OR they like you OR you both secretly like each other right from the very start. You soon find out from a friend of a friend of a friend that he/she likes you too and it kills you, paralyzes you, floors you, sends you crashing down like an airplane. You fall so hard you gotta pick yourself off the ground when you find out. So you gather yourself and find a way to contact them by getting their number or asking for their email and call them, text them, email them or chat with them saying, "...yeah, that was a great conversation. Can I see you some time?" and they answer with, "I'd like that. :]"

"I'd like that." The feeling you get from hearing her/him say that is amazing it drops you back down to the ground like someone shot you. Your heart's about to stop out of joy because of "I'd like that." Nothing feels better than hearing them say "I'd like that." So now your blood pressures going up, you're six feet off the ground, you can't sleep because of "I'd like that."

So now you've hanging out for a while, and you call him/her again late at night like every other night and you feel like you've just droped the bomb and say "You know what, I've been thinking about you a lot..." and she gasps for air and you're like, "What's wrong?" and he/she replies with, "I'm sorry, it's just that I've been thinking about you a lot too."

The moment you hear him/her say, "'s just that I've been thinking about you a lot too." BOOM! You fly higher into the sky. So high you feel like you've never felt this good before. So now "I'd like that."; done. You're now at "I've been thinking about you too.".

Now after a few weeks or months of being together, how ever long it takes for you to get comfortable with him/her, you gain the courage and sum it all up to tell them, "I gotta tell you something..." and they say "What?" and you say "I'm in love with you."

...and nothing in the world sounds better than "I'm in love with you." :]

From that, maybe she's crying out of joy or is supprised and you say in your head "I'm in. :))" It's rare that when you reach this point you still get friendzoned so it's not something to worry about. :D So now we just past "I'd like that." and "I've been thinking about you.". Now we're at "I'm in love with you." and there's no holding back anymore because you both have the same feeling and he/she fires back with "Well, I'm in love with you too :3".
Soon some day follows "I love you." answered back with "I love you too."

Fast forward, now you're like "I love you more than anything in life." cause "I love you." doesn't work anymore cause it's a threshold, it keeps moving up. Fast forward maybe six months, six weeks, whatever the case may be. Now you're like "I wanna marry you.", "I wanna impregnate you with my love.", "I just wanna F-...", "I wanna just send my love to you.", "I wanna make cute babies with you and be the father of your children.".

"Damn it, words don't work anymore."

...and at some point you reach this point and you know you've used this line in whatever language you use saying, "I just wish they'd put a new word in the dictionary bigger than love cause love just doesn't describe what I feel..."


...and so then now they come right back at you asking you, "Well do YOU love me?" and you'd answer straight away without a doubt "Of course I do!""Well say it."

Then it becomes...

"Say it twice."

"Say it three times."

...and then you cross a real interesting point over time where all of a sudden she starts to say "I hate you." and you think to yourself "Oh my God, she hates me. :\" which then evolves to...

"I hate you more than anything."

"We're over!"

"No, we're not!"

Then they go "Yes, we are. :("

Now all the words you've said and things have done mean nothing at all anymore. You're left with nothing. You're throwing punchs at water. You're wishing for things to work out out of all the efforts you make after everything has done and the fire has disappeared. You're done. It's over. That's the end.

You wanna know what the moral of the lesson is?

Never, ever, ever underestimate the power of "I'd like that."

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