Saturday, July 7, 2012

1st day - He Left

hey people's life? I missed u guys so much .. U know I have been too lazy to blog since I started to work due to "NO TIME" excuses. actually I miss blogging . So, I'm back to blog :) I'm back here just to release a bit of my thought.

      Today around 10 am I'm officially step into a far distance relationship. No, I'm still with the same sweet darling it's just he went for further study . From the second I knew he left n been traveling , how empty am I in the inside but I brave myself. Even Ipoh was far from Johor but I wonder why I still feel he is just around not far from me. Maybe it's my heart trying to persuade myself to make me feel better ~ I don't know ... however it helps a bit
U know I really do salute to those who undergoes far distance relationship knowing the hurt to miss and wait for the day to meet again . Even a day haven't past but I already feel the different. Its just 4 month , I keep reminding myself . Just 4 month .I will be going there on December that explains.
     From the journey start his text doesn't end till he is too tired and fall asleep tonight. Tired ,yes long journey of 7-8 hours are deathly tired . I smiled the whole day knowing that he arrived safely. He was so excited along the journey telling me what happen n what he saw , I felt his excitement . Of course I feel happy for him too...Just know something suddenly flash into my mind. He managed to wait for me to end my PLKN which takes 2 month and a half... with alots of obstacles . I guess for me 4 months are just too much !! How can the period of time be double for me ?! this is no fair....

    I smile too much today that suddenly teardrops rolled down my cheek during work off time. No I ain't crying ,I promise to be good so I won't cry. BIE, I REALLY MISS U ...really do miss u so much .

The song [ Jangan nakal & Tinggal kenangan]  from the shopping mall that plays with the weather are all wet today really seem understand my mood for this whole day.

missing you much,

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