Monday, July 9, 2012

Holding on ~

It's Monday today and it pass real slow. Gosh ! time oh time could you tick faster ?? That was my only thought since morning . Working and working ,don't I have other thing to do. I did but now I got to save some money for further study soon :) excited thinking of further study on December hihi !! Sophie keep holding on ,fight till the end . You can do it ! Gampate .... * i wish i really could ,only if he is here with me ~ sigh*

However he shared a lot of stuff about the Politeknik with me ..He undergoing Orientation week , all newbies were present .He told me there was about 1000 + newbies .[ "omg! thats quite lots of people" jakun btol laa budak ni mcm x penah tngk manusia je...haha .] I din't show my jakun to him ,only here . Well, then after he return to his house ,he do laundry and ironing clothes  . Aww~ guys do laundry ,hardly seen but my one did . jealous?? He is way better than other who depends on mama and bibik ... sikit2 "Bik, tlong basuhkn baju " "Bik, ini ...Bik tolong itu..." if not "Mama , ni , mama tu !!"  . During further study ? No way, everything must be done our self . Luckily he was trained . So I don't worry much on daily chores but his daily meal . He got to eat out everyday because no one to cook for him... sendiri plak malas masak . GERAM !! Care for your health plezzz ~ kecian tengok my hubby makan luar tiap2 hary... nnty I masakkn ea bile I pegy sane . ( thats my promise to him )

A good news for me today is I finally found a new job and would be changing working place starting on 15/7/2012 . It a relieve for me .. why ? I couldn't tell, it's secret . :)

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