Saturday, July 14, 2012

Silent Cry

hey people... how r u guys doing?? I'm doing fine right now.. I'm going to change a new working place start tomorrow morning and I hope I can be easy with it.. so today is a post about like this :

Missing someone is the toughest task

Truthfully, I really felt some kind of insecure when people who used to be so close to me leave me so far's just like they will leave me forever . So sad and tears me apart. I don't care whether it's my friend or family or any of my loves one ,I just can't accept that they being so far. I wasn't being clingy or depending just my life is more colorful with them around. More happier and cheerful with them . They let me be myself when I'm with them ,that's makes me so comfortable to be with them than others.

Hubby, I missed u so much ! It had been one whole week since u departed last Saturday, I guess it's around this time on last Saturday. To be truth I don't know when I have been so weak that I almost cry few times in this whole week... even I told myself "NO ,you shouldn't be crying " ...but tear still falls ~
Yesterday , I told him some of the stories and problem I faced and he listened carefully. I miss his humour ~ Bie always make me laugh and keeps me happy. Maybe because of that I feel like missing something when  he wasn't around and or he is busy . LONELY .Even I did buried myself with lots of work but when I stopped , I just can't not to think of him . There is time I wanted to text him and ask about his condition but I could barely send the text... so afraid that I annoyed him .Well, maybe I will be used to this situation soon .
Just like what he told me yesterday " I could always keep u company if u are just beside me but in fact u are not.. It's hard to keep u company by texting when I'm doing other things"
Yes , He was right . People needs their time for their own and can't always be for us . That's the lesson I learned from the past but just get the meaning these few days.

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