Sunday, July 8, 2012

Another day passed

Today is the 2nd day I went on without him near by me... I spent all my time fully during work and finally finish majority of my work :) so proud. HAHA ~ while during the night we actually do some of the stock counting while chatting with each other happily ,sharing our experience and couple stuff .Girls stuff hehe . Btw, I saw his family during evening break today, that make me feel like he was still so close and just not far away . I know I 'm just halucinating and trying to comfort myself, so what as long as it help reduce my sadness .During noon I got news from him today that he already registered into the Politeknik Ungku Omar in Ipoh and actually found a place to stay. Oh that's great great news for me . Well, I really do miss him much but I just can hold it to myself. He went there to study of course for his future sake so I shouldn't be worry much . We both FIGHTING hard . It's just 4 month ! If we are destiny ,then nothing can seperate us . I guess that was what my friend told me.

Though it was lucky for me to be separated just for 4 months because some of my friend have no chance to meet their couple for half year and above. That's kinda torture . I pray that this 4 months pass smoothly without hard obstacle . AMEN. For his study too hope he success for the first semester and got flying colour during his final test. 

Anyway , this is all for today. Quite sleepy & balnk to write more so keep on reading to what would be shared tomorrow

P.S: Mr. J , I damnly missing you so much . Take Care well !


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