Thursday, July 26, 2012


ARGGGGHHH!!! Why why must he rack up what's the past when he was the one who say he hate racking up the history... Are promise meant to be broken? Does it??!!! I don't understand... Bie, I really don't.
I have been trying so hard ...very very hard to please everyone. I don't know what else I can do :( sob~
Since the last argument about me being close with guys ,I shut myself down and keep distance with them . Yet it still seem not enough or it is because of lack of trust ? Last time I explained myself and you replied "well since you can't change then I change for you" but this time when the case being rack up I told you the whole truth about all the stuff but you doubt me don't you.... Thanks for being truth .
This is the last to say. I feel easy with guys more than girl because I grown up with guys and they are the one who teach me what's being real and friends loyalty . Friendship and being true to other ,for me it don't depend on gender . I'll be nice to who are nice to me and be nasty to who nasty to me..Each friends have their own way to call me and I won't mind because that shows they treat me as one closest of them. But for a strangers , I always have a limit .That's me ...the real me. I hate loneliness ,it kills me ,that's the reason I have lots of bosom friends and members.

You say "I like you being real " but wait...really? stop lying to yourself just accept a part of me . Sorry that I can't be the one for you ...



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