Friday, December 16, 2011

BiTTeR sWeet TiMe

Beeeps !! ~ (this entry is in engish + malay)

Hye sweeties

This morning start with a really interesting incident http://www.emocutez.comContinue reading to know wad happen next .
Nowhttp://www.emocutez.comas usual I went for a morning jog with membe wad?!

sabar nak cite la nih...
Starting nothing happens just some stray dogs and calm view. Then, we masuk a route and that when our special incident start Here we saw kinds of fruit (dh lpe wat its name) ehh ! Mule2 I din't though of plucking it but since member start dh plus my lil tummy is singing oredy so ikut jela..hehe Suddenly , a car passed by automatic we stop alamak kantoi !! the car plak stop just ahead of us. oh no! apelagy we lari and sneak into the back valley mcm kne kejar anjing.. my god ! RUn and Run passing by 10 houses without catching our breath mcm nk muntah when stop ... After we dh spy tngk xde org kejar then only we went to another lorong using shortcuts pheww nasib2 ~

http://www.emocutez.comWad if we get caught an ! Nak deny of cuz cannot laa sbb the fruit is still with us plus our hand got the fruit juice stain [ NOT ME! NOT ME! DYE ! DYE ! ] hahaha~ Finally, we get home jugak safely .. this is really an amazing experince u know . and a fatigue one


*MORAL of the story : DOnt Pluck others fruit without permission bahaye tol...lagy2 when kantoi remember to run as fast as lightning !!

(buat ajaran sesat plak )


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