Thursday, December 15, 2011

Te Amo

Bie , I miss you so much . Bie knows that? Of course you know cuz I miss you every moment but do you miss me also.. urmm I don’t know.
Now dah mcm rehearsal for the separation nnty rite. We seldom talk , text or chat. For some period then only can chat on9 that’s also if lucky . If not , we not gonna contact the whole day . haizz~
U know wad this one second is like one year, it is just so long and not easy for me  ~ I know bie busy so I’m okay with it  .

U want to know something bie?? Yesterday ,I got tell you that I failed for the job interview remember.
I guess you do . Actually the truth is I didn’t go to the interview at all , yes I lied. Sorry ~
First it’s because I know I won’t get pay cuz keje nnty x smpai one month . Next , I don’t want bie to worry about me.
Bie: If dapat keje ,keje lelok aww .Jgn pegy tackle boy plak ^^

me: ouh bie xpecaye baby kan….keje tu baby keje tol2 laa .dont worry klu ade budak tackle I xmao layan k

Bie: ehh Bukan x trust baby … Bie just x trust laki2 yg mao tackle baby le

_cumel kan my hubby .. riso meleby plak _ tp itu tande nye sayang … awak ade? Hee

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