Sunday, December 11, 2011

Hey Sweeties :)
I can say I wasn’t the type who love to complain about this and that…. It just happen when something really irritates me.. oh gosh ~  I mean yeah parents love to know wad we are actually doing and keep spying on our every single moves . So everything we did can’t escaped from their eyes, sometimes feel like they got X-ray eyes … dunno y? They see through everything – our expression, mood, action, lies….
It make them look so incredible just like they are being supernatural or mind reader I guess
Okay the above is just like introduction… never mind that fuhhh~
Now this is wad I gonna say…. CAN I have some privacy and can I make my own decision. CAN I?? I know if i ask for it the answer I always get is "NO". U should be like this like that....

Come on, I’m almost S.E.V.E.N.T.E.E.N. and not SEVEN anymore . 16 years passed ,U never ever let me stay overnight at my friend’s house, hang out with friends  and goes to the party  . Y can’t I live like the other kids? Why? Did u ever know I have been mocked always by my friend when I say “ Mum won’t let me out” .. They will say “ahaakx .. Mummy’s girl~ such a spoil sport! Just say if u mind to join us
So because of that lesser n lesser friends I got … Few who understand me remains , they sometimes told me “ hey chill , your mom is concerned about u that explain” . What I can say other than “ yeah”….
MOM ! All I wanted is  to have some freedom  just some of it… that will be enough . I have my own privacy  your action of checking on my phone and FB  make me feel like your intruding my life ~ urghh I know you’re afraid that I ran into troubles or whatever but I’m old enough to think what is right and what is wrong 

I just want to live like how other teenage does ! Why Is That So Hard ?!

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