Thursday, December 8, 2011

Holiday Creeps

well its a long long holiday again afta SPM I didn't realise time really flies *sigh
oh hye hye ~ It have been one week since i din't update my lil bloggie weee
miss me anyone ?? I guess "NO"

It doesn't take long since I finish my big exam and sit at home doing nothing ..... NOTHING ~ 1,2,3,.....8 days oredy and I turn into Lazy Lil Lady oh my... Wow Sophie wad happen to u my dear ?! hihi ~I really have no idea either. U know sometimes I really can't figure out on wad purpose I am doing things during this holiday....I suddenly feel like something just gone missing from my lil life hurmm which I never felt it before :(
Why am I feeling so desperated n blurr ? Sophie wake up Sophie .. face the reality !!
I just don't like this holiday , forced to do this and that....since oredy finish Form 5 so they say we oredy grown- up and if want to deny this would be the word they use on me " For what you stay at home doing nothing...?" 
Wait a minute ... I can't really understand . I just stayed home bcuz you are the one who doesn't let me out.... then now blame on me somemore wtheee  ~~ I HATE IT !!

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