Tuesday, December 27, 2011

It's takes moments to fall in L0V3

When I met you. I didn’t realize we would be where we are now. I didn’t expect I’d have these feelings for you. Or that we’d do the things we do. I would of never guessed we would of happened. I would of never guessed that we’d be together. But even though I’m surprised, I’m glad too.

It’s times like these. A comfortable silence. Walking hand in hand with the one you love. Everything else disappears, all that’s real is here and now. You feel complete. Like nobody else can touch you, nothing could ever come close enough to ruin this. It’s times like these, you’re on top of the world with someone who means everything to you. Times like these, they’re worth keeping in your memory forever ~

_You make everything  better just by existing in my world_

So i watch you like a movie
I’ll sing you like a song
Read you like a story
If it takes me all night long
Keep you like a secret
I’ll tell you like a joke
It’s true, It’s true
That I’ll love you like I always do.

P.S :  I like you ,only you.
I don’t care about anyone else in the world, or even at our school. I like you and only you. I don’t care if you think you’re not cute, you’re not right for me, or that you don’t make me happy. Truth is, you do make me happy, you’re cute, and you are right for me. You can take all those insecurities and shove it up your ass cause I don’t give a f**k about them.

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