Saturday, December 31, 2011

What A Afternoon of New Year Eve ....

Aww I really wish that time could stop just now !!
I had lots of fun although it's just a short period of one whole day
Okay , today ... I mean this afternoon I asked my hubby Jeff to meet up :) so excited !! We decide to meet up at Today's at 2 yet I'm late ..urm crop up by something but he's more late haha... phone shows 2.45 when he showed up ...heh ~ seriously funny when he walked out of the car and look around blurred ^^ haha I'm standing there ,lucky he still realise that I'm there. If not...... *sigh I also dunno wad to say

Later then , we went to McDonald . Okay he's hungry not me ...But once we arrived there ,we just sit and start story telling .He ask me to story and of course he also did some story telling about his trip back to kampung .
Only after that he went to buy his meal... ( 2 burger 1 drink 1 fries and alot of chili sauce ) He finish all such good appetite right . It's okay I love him as he is hihi :)  like he said " it's in the package when I couple with him" . I guess we spent around 2 hour hanging there and we bump into ViVi ,his boyfriend and friend ..( OMG , Vivi was much more prettier & cuter than her picture ) Okey , stop my jakun... I also met my friends there ^_^ -Kak Bie and Bilnaida
so shocking ... cuz it's so sudden hihi [dh mcm ape dh]

After that ,I suggest we move on to TESCO muahahaha ...THis is where fun stuff start . Okay he was busy looking at the stationary things and suddenly I ran off ~ I walk to the next alley without telling him hehe. ( noty right) But I really wonder did he realise ?
HE did ... haha and worried meyh .. pity him finding me while but me?
suddenly pat his shoulder from behind ,give him a scare kih kih kih~ Okay , I saw him turn pale a while and then look like wanna eat me up I guess [woo scary] And hey guess again !! wad a nice joke when we have a walk pass at the baby's department acting dat we're finding clothes for baby ~ heeee .

Then, we when to the book store .Anyway  I start running off again when we stop at the book store ... I dunno , I just can't stop playing with him . I'm missing him much and love being naughty just a while
he can still find me ...yet at the last moment where he focused on one book and I sneak away haha
It was 5 o'clock when we head towards Living Cabin... a memorable place of me and my best friend but this time it will add another sweet memory ...I played with big stuffed panda and I'm damn sure I started to miss someone....Later He saw small panda which I say we won't able to find it there
and Bie, thanks for cheering me up with that :)
I wish to have it but It's not necessary u know.....It's okay

The part I always hated is Seperation.... okay I always have a heavy heart during that time but no choice right
so here I end my story . TaTa....

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