Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year !!

SO much memory for 2011 and now the calender is turning 2012
just in a snap and everything in 2011 gonna end...

In this new year , new goals must be achieved . Well , actually I don't have any new goals for this coming year
just hoping all PMR & SPM candidates these year can pass with flying colour
2nd ,My SPM result will be more than targeted
3rd, everyone will be healthy and happy
4th, get into any of the university
5th , lose some weight [killer subject]
6th, able to sleep more !
7th , the major one ... bless my relationship kehkehkeh

OMG i'm turning 18 this year but at the end of year muahaha !!
It wasn't a treat for me wasn't it hehe ~
Okay end all my craps ..... wishing you all a Happy New Year guys & gurls ~  may new year brings new hope , don't give up kay :) SMILE !

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